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Rabu, 17 April 2013

Recipes Ayam Kecap ( The sweet soy sauce chicken)

Rabu, 17 April 2013

Indonesian food
Indonesian Food Recipes time to share with you a simple recipe Indonesian meal but quite a lot of fans because the flavor is very enjoyable for Indonesian families. The name of the food is not too foreign, his name is Chicken Sweet soy sauce. Hmmm definitely know mothers and reliable to cook. Sweet flavored food is very popular among Javanese food ... we just see the ingredients and how to make it.


1. 1 whole chicken, cut into 14 (not including leather, foot, and head).
2. 300 ml of water.
3. Water to boil chicken until all chicken is submerged in a pan.
4. Vegetable oil to taste.

Ingredients for chicken mengungkep:
1. 1 piece lemon, take the water.
2. Salt 1 tbsp.

1. 2 cloves garlic, minced.
2. 12 cloves shallots, sliced​​.
3. 1 segment finger ginger, chopped.
4. Soy sauce (soy sauce black gold) 10 tbsp.
5. Tomato sauce 2 tbsp.
6. Chili sauce 1 tbsp.
7. Pepper powder 1/4 tbsp.
8. 1 tbsp soy sauce english.
9. Salt 1/2 tbsp.
10. Granulated sugar 1/2 tbsp.

How to Make

1. Rinse the chicken until no longer red her wash water, then coat with salt and lime juice. Kurleb let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse, drain, then set aside. Cook until the water boils, put the chicken and cook until the water becomes cloudy and chicken half cooked. Drain. Set aside.
2. Heat the vegetable oil, put onion and garlic. Stir-fry until fragrant and slightly browned. Enter the ginger, soy sauce, ketchup, chili sauce, and soy sauce english. Stir. Enter 300 ml of water. Cook until boiling. Add chicken was boiled, pepper powder, salt, and sugar. Stir until evenly distributed. Cook until sauce is thickened and almost all leak. Pick up and ready to be served.

  Cook with a sincere heart then you will find a pleasure in itself as presents for your family at home.

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